Fotor – Reviews, Pros & Cons, Features and Pricing Details – 2020

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Fotor is a multi-platform photo editing and graphic design tool that helps users to create eye-catching visual content easily. To date, Fotor has over 300 million users around the globe. It has been awarded the Top Developer designation by Google Play and was dubbed Photoshop Lite by the BBC.

About this App

Fotor Reviews

Fotor gives you that platform where you can do magic with images without being a total expert with Photoshop. Easy to use, Fotor is loaded with all the basic and premium capabilities that enable you to work wonders with your photos, from adjusting brightness to finding the perfect contrast and saturation. Crop, add a vignette, blur, sharpen, rotates, add text, remove red eyes, and more. Fotor lets you do all that and then some with ease and grace.

With Fotor, you will realize that creating excellent and stunning images doesn’t require Photoshop. Once you get started, you will find editing images is quite easy as the image dominates the majority of the screen’s real estate with the editing tools conveniently located on the right toolbar for you to access.

Comparing and experimenting with colors is a smooth process as the color correction functionality utilizes sliders. You can instantly see how colors affect your image as you move the slider. You basically see the changes in real-time. Adding text to your images is a breeze as well.

Fotor is clearly a simple and fast photo-editing application that is ideal for any type of user, from professional photographers to ordinary joes who just want to tweak pictures and see what they can come up with.

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There is not a free version of Fotor. Fotor does offer a free trial. See additional pricing details for Fotor below.

Basic: Free

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing Packages: Below are the different pricing packages offered by Fotor.

  • $8.99/month
  • Annual Plan $39.99/year

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Pros and Cons

  • Data Visualization
  • Filtering
  • Image Database
  • Image Editor
  • Templates

  • Desktop App Takes Too Much Ram
  • Automatic Renew Policy
  • Collaboration

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Here are the lists of the features offered by Fotor

  • Basic Edit Adjustment
  • Basic Effects
  • Basic Portrait Touch-Up
  • Classic Content
  • Basic HDR Tech
  • Exclusive 100+ photo effects
  • Advanced Beauty features
  • 30+ stylized photo frames
  • 300+ custom designed stickers
  • Artistically designed backgrounds and textures
  • 80+ exquisite collage templates
  • 1000+ design templates dimensions
  • Regularly Updated New Content
  • Advanced HDR Tech

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Technical Details

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Cloud Hosted

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Contact Details

Here are the contact details of the Fotor

Fotor is Founded in 2012 and Located in China.

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How do you save photos on Fotor?

Click the “Save” button.
  1. You can change “File name” and “Format” (.jpg/.png), then click “Save”
  2. Choose a file location and save it.
  3. You can also click “download it”, and the file will be saved at default download folder location in your browser.
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How do I resize in Fotor?

  1. Click Resize on the bottom of your canvas, and select the preset size you want to apply to your new design.
  2. Or scroll to the bottom of the list, and choose Custom Size.
  3. Under Custom Size, you can input the width and height using various measurement units.
  4. Click Apply to preview your changes.

How do I change the background in Fotor?

Open Fotor‘s background remover Magic Clipper and the image you want to modify. Use the green “Retain Brush” to mark the parts you want to retain, and use the red “Removal Brush” to mark the parts you wish to remove. Click “Press” to preview, and make your final adjustments.

Specification: Fotor – Reviews, Pros & Cons, Features and Pricing Details – 2020


Android, IOS, Mac OS, Web, Windows


Annual Subscription, Free Trial, Monthly payment





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Fotor – Reviews, Pros & Cons, Features and Pricing Details – 2020
Fotor – Reviews, Pros & Cons, Features and Pricing Details – 2020
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